Engine Simulator

The ship engine simulator (SES) is a shore based team trainer for training the procedures and operations in the technical control center of a vessel to achieve a maximum of engine handling capability. All processes included in the SES are simulated in real-time.The simulator model is based on a 5000 TEU container vessel driven by a two stroke engine MAN B&W 7K98 MC, with 3 generators MAN B&W 7L32/40, shaft generator, turbo generator. To provide most realistic training a real automation system including power management as well as a main engine remote control system with governor of SAM Electronics is installed.Due to availability of these systems SAM related user training courses can be offered to our customers.
The Ships Engine Simulator is connected to the main bridge of the Ship Handling Simulator.A remote control station is installed at the bridge console to run the engine room operations from the bridge. Both simulators can be linked using the same ships model to execute bridge / engine team training. Other engine models from MAN, MAK, Sulzer and Caterpillar are available and can be used for training courses.
 Manufacturer: Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, Bremen.
    The full mission SES includes real hardware consoles which are located in different rooms:

  • Instructor Room;
  • Engine Control Room (ECR)*;
  • Engine Room (ER);
  • Emergency Generator Room;
  • *The ECR is equipped like on a real vessel with a complete switchboard and an ECR console for operation of the engine and machinery.

  • SES 1
  • SES 2
  • SES 3
  • SES 4
MAN ME & ME-B Engine Simulator
A considerable number of newbuildings delivered are equipped with an electronically main engine. The MTC training engineer educated by MAN provides detailed information on the operation of these engines with assistance of a simulator for electronic engines.
MAN ME Engine Simulator