GMDSS Simulator

With this setup all students and the instructor are able to communicate with each other, both by voice and text provided that they are operating within the range area of the communication system in use.

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, Bremen

The GMDSS Simulator comprises 1 instructor and 8 student workstations linked together by an ethernet LAN and providing software to train following devices:

  • VHF-Radiotelephone
  • VHF DSC-Controller/Receiver
  • MF/HF-Radiotelephone
  • MF/HF-DSC Controller/Receiver
  • MF/HF-Radiotelex
  • NAVTEX-Receiver
  • Inmarsat A-Voice and Telex
  • Inmarsat B-Voice and Telex
  • Inmarsat C-With SafetyNET
  • Radar-remote viewing of own ship’s radar
Training Courses
G003 – GMDSS Refresher