Radar ECDIS Simulator

The RADAR/ECDIS simulator is a state of the art tool suitable for all kind of navigation training for captains, nautical officers and pilots. Layout, hardware and software enables us to offer research and harbour studies. Individual mathematical models and sea areas can be generated.

Manufacturer: Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, Bremen

    The RADAR/ECDIS Simulator consists of:

  • 3 bridges with the integrated navigation systems from SAM Electronics each with 2 Multipilots, ECDIS, Trackpilot and all kind of navigation instruments;
  • 2 briefing/debriefing classrooms;
  • 2 instructor stations for multitasking operation;

Radarpilot 600x432

  • Container 750 TEU to 19.000 TEU;
  • VLCC 317.000 tdw, 175.000 tdw;
  • Product Tanker 47.000 tdw;
  • Chemical Tanker;
  • Single POD Tanker;
  • LPG Vessel 37.000 tdw;
  • Cape Size Bulk Carrier;
  • Panmax Bulk Carrier;
  • Cruiser Liner 198 m to 300 m POD propulsion;
  • Cruiser Liner 280 m to 330 m DE propulsion;
  • Tug, Schottel, ASD, Voith Schneider, Tractor;
  • Various RoRo, Bulk and special vessels;

  • Hamburg, River Elbe, German Bight;
  • Kiel Canal;
  • Singapore Straight;
  • Shanghai;
  • Inland Sea, Japan;
  • Yokohama;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Rotterdam;
  • Dover Straight;
  • Baltic Sea, approaches to Helsinki;
  • Gdynia;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Individual data bases on request;