Basic Knowledge Shipping

19/03/2019|Engine Simulator, Information, Radar/ECDIS, Ship Handling|

The shipping industry, with all its fields, is quite complex. For new employees from other industries, trainees and students this industry is difficult to understand. Therefore we offer the „Basic Knowledge Shipping“ training course to give them a first overview.

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MAN ME-B Training

12/03/2019|Engine Simulator|

The safe and efficient operation of ship engines is very important to save costs for maintenance and fuel. We want to help your engineering officers to handle MAN ME-B engines properly and cost-efficiently. Therefore we offer the training MAN ME-B Operation and Analysis.

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IGF Training

07/03/2019|IGF Training|

The use of low-flashpoint fuels in the marine industry is a great chance for the protection of the environment. This chance can only be realised if the staff who is handling this new technology is trained very well. To provide your staff with the required knowledge we offer the flag state approved training courses […]

Ship Handling for Ultra Large Container Vessels


To keep control of container vessels up to 400m length is an exceptional challenge. Wind and current influence the manoeuvers of ULCCs more than of smaller vessels. For masters and officers who wish to improve their manoeuvring skills for ULCCs we offer the training „Ship Handling for Ultra Large Container Vessels“.

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Train the Trainer

28/02/2019|Train the Trainer|

Teaching colleagues and employees is quite challenging. To provide all current and future trainers with the latest knowledge of adult teaching techniques, teaching aids, etc. we offer a 3-day Train the Trainer course. This training is based on the IMO model courses 6.09 and 1.30.

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Marine Environment Awareness

26/02/2019|Environment Awareness|

Environmental protection is very important for the whole maritime industry. We want to help you and your staff to improve your environmental awareness and to reduce marine pollution. Therefore we have designed our new training „Marine Environment Awareness“.

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ECDIS Refresher and Route Planning


Do you remember and use all important settings of your ECDIS system? If not, please note we offer for officers in charge of navigational watch, superintendents, pilots etc. who wish to improve their knowledge our new training “ECDIS Refresher and Route Planning”. Refresh and improve your ECDIS and route planning skills in a safe […]

Tailor-made Training

19/02/2019|Engine Simulator, HELM, IGF Training, NAPA, Ship Handling, Tanker, VTS Simulator|

Did you know, you can get all our training courses as tailor-made versions for your crew? Together with you we can develop trainings for you and your staff. Use our experience, knowledge, equipment, and simulators to get high quality training that meets your individual company needs.

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Master/Pilot Relationship

14/02/2019|Ship Handling|

In ports, rivers, channels, etc. the support of local pilots is essential. The interaction between pilots and masters needs to work properly to cope with all upcoming challenges. We want to help your masters, deck officers, and your shore-based personnel to improve the communication with pilots.

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COLREG Training

07/02/2019|Ship Handling|

Collisions are great threats for shipping companies, their customers, the environment etc. and shall be prevented at any time. The optimal prevention strategy starts with the knowledge of your officers in charge. To keep your deck officers uptodate regarding COLREG, navigation, and watchkeeping, we offer our refresher training.

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