More and more wind farms uprise in the Baltic and North sea. It is one of the official stipulations by the authorities for the offshore operating companies to permanently monitor and observe these offshore wind farms and the traffic around it.

Principally a wind farm presents an obstruction to shipping. But legally a wind farm is a traffic participant such as any other vessel with the big difference that it cannot move. Therefore it is necessary to monitor a wind farm and the surrounding traffic in order to warn a vessel should the occasion arise.
At the project company Global Tech I the „maritime surveillance“ has been done so far by mariners. In the future in the course of completion of the wind farm these tasks shall be done by technical personal.

MTC is proud to have successfully completed the first training for the new profession of „maritime surveyors“ for the offshore wind farm company Global Tech One in our new VTS simulator (vessel traffic service).

With the successful training Global Tech One has fulfilled the official obligations regarding training in compliance with the implementing provision „Maritime Surveillance Offshore Wind Farms“ (ger. „Seeraumbeobachtung Offshore Wind Parks“) by the German Federal Ministry of Traffic and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).