MTC is your partner for customized training courses for your onboard and onshore staff.

We design training courses for your special company needs, including ECDIS charts and visual models of exercise terrains, 3D model of the your vessel. It is possible to creat szenarios in the ship handling simulator according to current or past incidents. We can help you to develop manoevring strategies and emergency procedures for special areas. For the trainings in the ship handling simulator we use the hydrodynamic conditions, weather, banking effects and squat based on the data of the exercise area.

Customized training for your engineering officers and electricians can also be realized, using state of the art training facilities (engine room simulator, 6.6 KV electrical workshop, engine workshop). Also trainings for your deck- and engine crew together could be done. The ship handling simulator and the ship engine simulator can be linked together using the same ship model to execute bridge / engine team training.

For your onshore staff we can realize special basic knowledge training courses, communication training courses or management training courses. Please contact us for more information.