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The MTC is working for you. We offer several online trainings and we do also offer onsight training for small groups. To protect our participants and our staff, we strictly follow our hygiene concept. Convince yourself of our high hygiene standards.




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All training courses can be customized to your individual company needs.

Quality Online Simulation Training

In the first quarter of 2020 the Corona pandemic hit our shores, social distancing became the norm and travel restrictions were introduced. Not only did it come as a shock to our customers and ourselves, we were virtually overnight propelled into a re-think of the presentation of our courses. Training could not just stop overnight. People had very real training needs. Certificates of competency needed to be renewed, etc.

As always, we were able to meet all these challenges head-on and with a minimum of financial outlay, we were able to start running our first courses online in August of 2020.

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Outcome-Based Education

It is actually astounding that after all these years of STCW and the IMO Model Courses referring to it, very few lecturers and instructors at Maritime training institutions have ever heard of “Outcome-Based Education” (OBE).

They are blissfully unaware about what it is, let alone that this is the preferred, prescribed method of instruction of the IMO. In short, we at training institutions around the world are supposed to run ALL our courses in OBE format. So why aren’t we?

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