General Terms & Conditions

A. General

The respective latest version of the General Terms and Conditions as well as the pertinent technical descriptions are applicable to all services rendered by MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH (MTC). Where contractual relations are established between MTC and any persons other than the client, the relevant technical Rules and the provisions of G.1. to 7. below shall also apply to such third parties.

B. Reservation Clause

A confirmation given or certificate issued shall not release the client from his contractual obligations towards third parties.

C. Scope and Performance

The kind and scope of services rendered by MTC are based on the relevant agreements concluded and always, in the absence of an express special agreement, on the Rules applicable at the time of performing the course.

D. Confidentiality

MTC maintain confidentiality with respect to all documents and other kinds of information received in connection with the orders entrusted to it by the client. Documents and information shall only be made available to third parties with the approval of the client or the person authorized by the client to permit such disclosure. However, all course documents which have been handed out to the participants in connection with the course attended shall not be made available to third parties without permission of MTC.

E. Remuneration

All services rendered by MTC are to be paid in accordance with the price list of MTC or on the basis of the price quoted in the offer. In addition thereto, MTC will charge any extra expenses incurred in connection with the services rendered at any other placed than the headquarter of MTC (e.g. travelling or other expenses and, where applicable, any value added / turnover tax). For reservations which include accommodation in a hotel the additional expenses will be charged to the client together with the course fees. All prices listed in the price list are net prices. A VAT of 19% has to be added to these prices.

F. Payment of Invoices

The fees for all courses rendered by MTC are due for payment without deduction 14 days before commencement of the course. For all other services rendered by MTC payments are due within 14 days after completion of the services. On default MTC is – without prejudice to any other rights – entitled to exclude the participant from this course, to withhold certificates and other documents and/or to suspend or revoke the validity of certificates. Any rights of lien or retention in favour of the client, statutory or otherwise, are hereby excluded. Likewise excluded are any rights of set-off with client’s counter-claims, unless such counter-claim is undisputed or has been finally adjudicated upon by the courts.

G. Cancellation

1. Exclusive company courses

If a customer has cancelled a company course due to operational requirements, cancellation fees are not applicable if the cancellation is received 60 days before commencenment of the course. If the cancellation is received within less than 60 days the full fees are to be charged on the basis of the price quoted in the offer excluding any transportation and accommodation fees quoted.

2. Open courses

If the participation in an open course is cancelled due to personal or operational requirements, cancellation fees are not applicable if the cancellation is received 14 days before commencement of the course. If the cancellation is received within less than 14 days – even in case of sickness – the full fees are to be charged. The named participant registered for the course may be replaced by another participant without additional booking fees.

H. Requirements for Participation

The requirements for participation in the MTC courses are defined in the brief descriptions for the courses.

I. Additional Services

Expenses for travelling are to be borne by the participant. Accommodation is not included in the course fees. It is possible to book accommodation together with the course at one of the contracted hotels of MTC. Prices are mentioned on our website and will be charged additionally. The prices mentioned on our website include beverages and lunch during the course. If course takes places during the second shift an evening meal will be provided.

J. Liability

  1. Liability of MTC for defects as to quality shall in the context of a contract for work and services (“Werkvertrag“) be limited to remedying such defects. In the event that this is unsuccessful, the client shall, in addition to his right as per § 637 of the German civil code, have the right to claim a reduction in the contractual price or to withdraw from the contract.
  2. Claims of the client for defects as to quality shall become time barred one year after acceptance by the client of the performance by MTC of its obligations, in so far as such defects shall not have been wrongfully concealed by MTC or caused by the wilful misconduct of MTC.
  3. Furthermore, except in case of breach by MTC of a material contractual obligation, liability of MTC for negligent performance of its obligations towards the client shall be limited to five times the remuneration of the individual obligation to which the breach relates. This limitation of liability shall also apply to claims for damages by the client based on the tort of negligence. In the event of a slightly negligent breach by MTC of one of its material contractual obligations, the liability of MTC
    shall be limited to typical contractual foreseeable damage. In the event of wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of MTC, the liability of MTC shall be determined as provided for by law. This shall also apply to any case where MTC is strictly liable by law.
  4. Personal liability of the organs of MTC or persons to whom MTC resorts to perform its obligations is excluded except in case of their wilful misconduct or gross negligence.
  5. The attention of the client is expressly drawn to the fact that it has the possibility of agreeing with MTC that the liability of MTC be extended beyond what is provided for in these General Terms and Conditions. However, such extension of liability is subject to the client demanding this of MTC, to the insurer of MTC accepting to take on such additional risk and to the client bearing any additional insurance cost associated with such increase in liability.
  6. Claims for damages which are not claims for defects pursuant to paragraph 1 hereof, with the exception of tortious claims and/or claims brought under the German law on product liability, shall be time barred one year after acceptance by the client of the performance by MTC of the obligation in question, in so far as there was no wilful misconduct or fraudulent intent on the part of MTC.
  7. The provisions of clause G. above regarding limitation of liability and time bar shall not apply to claims for death, personal injury, damage to health or infringement of liberty.

K. Place of Performance - Jurisdiction - Governing Law

  1. The place of performance for all obligations resulting from or in connection with the respective order from the client is Hamburg, unless otherwise provided in the order.
  2. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for claims against MTC is Hamburg. MTC is entitled to sue the client before the courts in Hamburg or before any other competent court.
  3. German law shall govern the performance of the order and all claims resulting from or in connection with the order.

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