development of pilot training programs (A.960)

Well trained and informed pilots are essential to ensure the safety of shipping in ports, channels, and rivers around the world. Supporting pilot associations to comply with the IMO resolution A.960 and to keep their members up to date with manoeuvring skills, the latest technology, and regulations is our main goal.

We develop and provide high professional training for several German and international pilot associations since 2009. 

management and leadership training

Leadership, conflict management, teamwork, communication, etc. are skills that every pilot needs for his daily work. Improvement of these soft skills on a regular basis is essential. Use our knowledge in this area for your development.

Management and Leadership

ship handling and manoeuvring training

Pilots who are supposed to operate on new vessel sizes or vessel types should practise manoeuvers in their exercise area. We offer a safe environement to train several manoeuvers with all kinds of vessels of all sizes.

Ship Handling

medical training

Medical skills need to be updated regularly. Wether it’s to preservate the certificate of competence or just to keep up to date of the latest practises, our training will meet your individual needs on content and duration.


theoretical training

Intercultural communication, fatigue, future technologies, etc. are just some topics which are interesting for pilots. Conducting courses with special topics in accordance to the IMO resolution A.960 is one our greatest strengths, use it.


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