Whenever a new harbour, navigation channel or jetty is being planned or constructed, MTC is the right partner to conduct studies and and evaluate the best design using the ship handling simulator. Extensive software tools are available to create to create new data bases and models. The visual model of the new harbour is generated as well as the ECDIS to provide the best environment for the test manoeuvres with different ships models under all weather conditions, tides and current. The R&D projects can be conducted under the full responsibility of MTC with own project management or together with partners.We also rent out the simulator together with operating personnel to external contractors. Consultancy for pilotage is available through our partners.

The full mission Shiphandling Simulator is a state of the art tool suitable for training of captains, nautical officers and pilots as well as nautical studies and research + development projects. Up to 6 bridges can be used in one exercise. One of the bridges is equipped with 12-channel, 360° visual system. The bridges are designed for various applications like singke or twin screw vessels of all types, tugs, Azipod vessels or offshore vehicles.

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