ECDIS Refresher and Route Planning


Do you remember and use all important settings of your ECDIS system? If not, please note we offer for officers in charge of navigational watch, superintendents, pilots etc. who wish to improve their knowledge our new training “ECDIS Refresher and Route Planning”. Refresh and improve your ECDIS and route planning skills in a safe […]

Navigation in Restricted Visibility


Sometimes the weather conditions force you to navigate „blindly“. In these situations you have to rely on your electronic chart system. With the training in our Radar Simulator we want to support you and your officers in charge of navigational watch to gain experience for these challenging situations.

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Basic Knowledge Shipping

The shipping industry, with all its fields, is quite complex. For new employees from other industries, trainees and students this industry is difficult to understand. Therefore we offer the „Basic Knowledge Shipping“ training course to give them a first overview.

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