manoeuvring with tugs






2 days


English / German


  • This course is primarily simulator based, with classroom elements.
  • Different types of tugs and propulsion. Towing equipment types.
  • Towing strategies, various methods of use. Pivoting point theory, effect of fore and aft tug. Necessary bollard pull, number of tugs, induction of forces into the ship‘s hull.
  • Dangers, ship/tug interaction, considerations for safe manoeuvring with tugs.
  • Special manoeuvres: escorting.
  • Ship/tug communication


The task of manoeuvring a ship with the assistance of harbour tugs is a prime example of teamwork. The master and officers, the pilot, the tug skippers and the linesmen should collaborate as one team. This course is designed to demonstrate the manouvring possibilities of tugs and to be a guide to the efficient and safe use of tug assistance.
Knowledge of these factors should enhance the ability of all involved to combine their efforts in the sense of teamwork, with the ultimate goal of enhancing safety and efficiency of the vessel, tugs, property and personnel.

Entry standards

Participants should be in possession of at least a certificate for an officer in charge of a navigational watch.


On successful completion the participant will receive a certificate of MTC


Ship Handling Simulator, classroom

Teaching methods

Simulations, lectures, briefings and de-briefings


For groups only


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