LNG Terminal Stade

We are honoured to report on our recent participation in the closing ceremony of a prestigious project under the patronage of the Government of Niedersachsen. At MTC, we were proud to contribute to this landmark initiative by providing and managing our state-of-the-art ship handling simulator for the execution of the planning approval process.

This prestigious project, which will be completed with the opening of the floating LNG terminal in Stade, marks a significant milestone in the development of energy infrastructure. It’s a demonstration of innovative collaboration and technological advancement in maritime operations.

Special recognition is due to our internal project manager, Johannes Kluge, whose dedication and expertise together with the experience of the Elbe pilots were instrumental in bringing the project to a successful completion.

Our Ship Handling Simulator played a important role in the planning phase of the project, providing a virtual environment to test and refine the procedures and systems that have now come to life. This tool enabled the accurate planning and precise execution required to bring such a major project to life.

We are proud that our simulator and expertise contributed to the successful implementation of a project that promises to enhance energy security and economic growth. It stands as a symbol of progress in the maritime sector and highlights the potential of digital simulation technologies in driving infrastructure projects forward.

As we reflect on the success of this project, we would like to thank Hanseatic Energy Hub, the pilots of the river Elbe and the Niedersachsen Ports for entrusting us with this critical aspect of the project. We are inspired by what we have achieved together and look forward to contributing to future projects that represent innovation, sustainability and strategic development.

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