Upgrade 2023 Completion

We are proud to announce the completion of our simulator upgrade and the launch of Ship Handling Simulator 2 here at MTC. With three bridges offering 270 degree views, the latest Wärtsilä PLATINUM technology and the ability to simulate virtually any ship type, our new simulator doubles our training capacity and improves the quality of our training course. Combined with our Ship Handling Simulator 1, comprising another three bridges and the VTS Simulator we now offer exceptional scenario capabilities, setting a new standard in maritime simulation.

Our sincere thanks go to the entire MTC team whose dedication has made this possible. A special shout out to Andreas Hartmann for his tireless efforts over the last few weeks during the intense build and implementation phases. His tireless work was essential to the success of this fundamental project.

Please note:

Due to technical problems, the MTC cannot currently be reached by phone or email.

We are working on solving this problem as soon as possible.

We ask for your understanding.

Your team of MTC