Towing Techniques - Stability

Stormy weather in our ship handling simulator. For our training “Towing Techniques – Stability” we simulate strong waves with storm and current for more than one year. The participants – masters and helmsmen – practice to handle their tugs in potential dangerous situations during bad weather.

Before the participants start to train ambitious anchor pulling manoeuvers in the safe environment of the simulator, the stability basics of the seafarers are refreshed. Special aspects of stability during towing and anchor pulling are considered in detail both on smooth water and in the sea state. And for the exchange of experience and the discussion of relevant aspects with the participants sufficient space is given.

The participants have reported to us during the workshops that the analysis of anchor pulling and tug accidents as well as the handling of stability critical situations in the simulator offer a certain added value to their work on board.

Together with our partner ma-co and the marine consultant and naval architect Willy Dölling we have developed this practical training for Bugsier-, Reederei- und Bergungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. The training has already run successfully many times. |

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