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MTC is the number one training center for more than 600 pilots in Germany since 2009

Basically, all pilots are required by authorities to undertake several training hours per year in accordance to the IMO A960 regulation. To fulfil this demand, we have developed a whole range of training courses for pilots together with German and international pilot associations and other partners.

Please note, all our instructors engaged for pilot training courses are highly experienced port, river and sea pilots. Any exercise area can be generated for the simulator training courses.

courses for port, river, and sea pilots


Simulation Studies for Ports

Risk and feasibility studies for construction of ports

Development of Pilot Training Programs (IMO A960)

Simulator training, theoretical training, medical training etc.

human element


Maritime Resource Management for Pilots

Swedish Club certified leadership training

ship handling


Ship Handling ULCC up to 400m Length

Advanced manoeuvring training for captains and deck officers on ULCC


Ship Handling for Pilots

Advanced manoeuvring training


Workshop Pilot/Master Relationship

Workshop for the improvement of the communication master and pilot


Ship Handling with Large LNG Carriers

Advanced manoeuvring training for pilots on LNG carriers


Manoeuvring with POD Propulsion for Pilots

Familiarization training for the use of POD propulsion


Manoeuvring with Tugs

Training for the efficient use of tug assisstance


Operational Use of ECDIS Systems (Refresher)

Refreshment training for deck officers



Train the Trainer

Training for prospective instructors according to IMO Model Courses 6.09 and 1.30

LNG fuelled ships


LNG Fuel Basic (IGF I)

Flag state approved basic training for personnel serving on vessels subjected to the IGF Code


LNG Fuel Advanced (IGF II)

Flag state approved advanced training for graduates of the basic (IGF I) training


Practical Fire Fighting for Service on Tankers and Ships subjected to the IGF Code

Flag state approved liquefied gas fire fighting training

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